Monday, March 2, 2009

Prayer Request...

I am sorry to take a break from the Bible Study, but we got a couple of shots of bad news today at Church, which I would ask prayer about.

The wife of one of the missionaries that our church has supported for MANY years (since my kids were little) was diagnosed with brain cancer the first part of last week and had surgery on Thurs. She is doing amazingly well, praise God, but we will be keeping them in our prayers, of course. Her husband, Marty, and others in their family (including Maxine at times) have traveled all over the world and brought thousands of people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through their evangelistic crusades. I know that has ticked off Satan and he is trying to attack, but I also know that God is greater.

She had a lemon-sized cancerous tumor behind her eye, which they were able to remove 70-80% of. Marty had just gotten home from Bangladesh. They are posting her condition on a
website blog so that the MANY people who know and love them can keep up on her progress. If you have a prayer list at your fellowship, please include Marty and Maxine and their family, for as you know, when one in a family hurts, everyone does. We are expecting some mighty moves of the Lord in this situation, for these wonderful people and their 10 children and MANY grandchildren are all totally committed to God whatever His will may be.

The other couple are also very dear friends of ours. I worked with Nancy for many years at the school, and she and Howard are wonderful people. I didn’t know until today, that while I was gone, she had gotten very ill (she HAS had some major health problems the past couple of years… a bad heart and COPD with major breathing problems).

Anyway, Howard wasn’t there last week, so I just found out today that she is in Intensive Care in very critical condition on a ventilator. Howard was just about beside himself today… I’ve NEVER seen a couple that love each other so much (They are both in their late 70’s, early 80’s, and that little old guy is always so full of life and just about glows with joy usually, so it was awful to see the agony in his heart and soul just pour from his eyes) We are praying for strength and comfort for Howard, and that the Lord would touch Nancy’s doctor and give him wisdom in her treatment. We are also praying for peace that passes understanding for them both.

PS. I am learning so much while studying for this Bible Study, and I promise to try my best to get back to it tomorrow. Thank you so much… Linda

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