Monday, June 1, 2009

Proverbs 7:21- 27

Today we are going to finish chapter 7 and this current discussion on adultery. The bulk of this chapter, as we have seen, is written as a sort of “play” that portrays the seduction of a “foolish” young man by an adulterous wife whose husband is away on a business trip. The young man was out in the evening (dark) and sort of “looking for trouble,” and this woman was using all of the five senses to cause “the lusts of the flesh” to rise up within him. Now let’s look at today’s verses.

Proverbs 7:21- 27 (NKJV)
21 With her enticing speech she caused him to yield,
With her flattering lips she seduced him.
22 Immediately he went after her,
as an ox goes to the slaughter,
Or as a fool to the correction of the stocks,
(Footnote: some versions read: as a dog to bonds,
while another reads: as a lamb . . . to bonds—)
23 Till an arrow struck his liver.
As a bird hastens to the snare,
He did not know it would cost his life.
24 Now therefore, listen to me, my children;
Pay attention to the words of my mouth:
25 Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways,
Do not stray into her paths;
26 For she has cast down many wounded,
And all who were slain by her were strong men.
27 Her house is the way to hell, [Sheol]
Descending to the chambers of death.

As we see in verse 21, her seduction has worked, and he has followed her. Verse 22 tells us that he has followed her “as an ox goes to the slaughter, or as a fool to the correction of the stocks.” The next verse lets us know that this young man’s foolishness would cost him his very life.

The last four verses of the chapter expound on the moral of this story that has been told by a parent to their child. The young one is told to “pay attention” and “Don’t GO there…” Even “strong men” have been destroyed by this method.

Venereal diseases were just as rampant back then as they are now, and several of the kings of the Bible expired from them. Spiritually speaking, this was also one of the ten commandments and breaking it would ultimately send the foolish young person to hell.

I praise God that our sins have been covered and we can ask for forgiveness if we have fallen into this trap somewhere in our lives. God can heal both our physical and our spiritual infidelities and bring us redemption and freedom from their penalties through the work of Jesus, His son, if we make Him the Lord of our lives.
Note: Picture by Linda Brewer

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