Thursday, February 19, 2009

Introduction/Basics Continued…

As I mentioned before, reading/listening/ learning about God from ALL of HIS OWN WORDS is important so that you will get a COMPLETE picture of Him. Many people only want to read or study certain PARTS of the Bible like the love chapter in Corinthians, or the Psalms, etc. but in picking and choosing what they want to read, they don’t get a “3-D” picture of God. They want to make up their “OWN” version of God and only see what they want to see of Him.

It is true that we have a God of love and mercy, but He is also a fair and righteous God that judges sin and punishes evil. Those who practice evil will most often “reap what they sow” as they have taken themselves out from under God’s protection by not following His paths for their lives.

Think about someone who gets a pen pal, and gets romantically involved with them. They are reading their letters, and getting to know that person, BUT they only see a couple of sides of that person—the ones they are shown. They wouldn’t REALLY learn about what that person is like until they live with them or near them and interact with them over a period of time.

The Bible IS a love letter from God, but much more, because He CHOSE people to write it that were LIVING with Him… seeing Him and His work and talking directly to Him. ALL of them saw His loving side, but through their walk/life WITH Him, they also saw and reported His other sides: Humor, Fairness, Justice, Anger at sin (because it hurts those He loves). EVERYTHING He does is motivated by love for EVERY ONE of us.

I’m trying to keep these short and sweet so they won’t take much time from your day, so I will stop for now, finish the Intro/Basics tomorrow and then start the first few verses of Proverbs after that…
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  1. this is great info Linda! thanks for sharing it! I truly believe the Lord put this upon your heart to do this study!